“The first lesson that I met CALL I



“The first lesson that I met CALL  I was shocked because there were a lot of things that I supposed to do. I said “This lesson will kill me!”   I was afraid of but I understood that it was irrelevant. I like technology so I enjoy while I am dealing with duties that teacher gave us.” I said exactly these sentences at the beginning of the lesson. I am still alive 🙂 I learned too much things. I am different from most of the teacher of English. I have information about WIKIS&PB WORKS, GOOGLE DOCUMENTS, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, SMARTPHONES, PREZI, NICENET.COM, DOKEOS.COM, WIZIQ, SKYPE, TWITTER, MOVIE MAKER, STORY JUMPER, PODCASTS, AUDIOBOO and finally I have a website. I was very changed thanks to the teacher 🙂

I couldn’t attend the last lesson, so I can’t make comments. To sum up, this semster was very productive for me. Thank you teacher 🙂





It was my last lesson in CALL because the other week I wouldn’t participate the lesson. I will not be emotional J lets’ look at what teacher talked about. The topic was ‘Pocasts’. Teacher showed us too much things. Itunes, Pearson, NPR, Audioboo etc. I can’t use the itunes because I haven’t got a smart phone. If we wants them to use, we should have an internet access.

We can watch tv programs that we didn’t watch them in time. How it can be possible ? They are recorded as a podcasts and we can watch them later again and again. The teacher showed examples. We can watch on site or we can download it to watch later.

NPR is a website that improves speaking skill. This is the site. You can look at(http://www.npr.org/ ) .

Audioboo. This is our task fot this week. We should be sign in and record our voices. That’s all 🙂


Thanks to our teacher, I have a story book. How? We learned preparing a story book from the website ‘Storyjumper’. Instructions are very simple but there is something that confused my mind. It seems that there are two ways to prepare the book but there aren’t.

I started to prepare a story book from the Story Jumper. I begun at 8 pm on Saturday. I gave only a break for breakfast and lunch. The time was 4.30 . I finished my book. I wanted to see it. I exist from the site and entered again. I was shocked. I was very upset because the work that I engaged all day had gone. It wasn’t saved. However I prepared the book. All my effort was vaine.  I had to prepare it again. It was very embressed. What ever! I have a story book now !

The other project was preparing a digital story. I was familiar with this project because last year we had prepared a digital story. I used movie maker. I downloaded it in youtube. I hope that children come across and watch my story. Görsel


 The topic was very up-to-date. Facebook, Twitter and



The topic was very up-to-date. Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Teacher wanted us to have accounts. A few of my friends haven’t got a twitte r or facebook accounts. It was surprised for me because the child in five have facebook accout. I have already Facebook, Twitter and Skype accounts. In campus we didn’t have a access of skype. We couldn’t use skype. We followed our teacher. I followed a few people from his friends, who are related with education.


Classroom = Old-fashioned




Hello everybody! I have something that share with you. What they are? Features of wizIQ. Ok. What is the wizIQ . It is an online education platform. What can you do with this platform? Have an account. Choose your statu. You are in your account. If you chose teacher account, you can create your classroom. You can make your schedule, upload content and create test. Teacher doesn’t have to come class. Students don’t have to come class. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? There is only one difference: There is no class. You have students, topics,duties but you are not in class. Perfect.
Am I going to use it? Maybe. I can use when I want to create a discussion environment. I can’t use it everytime because in Turkey all of the students don’t have a computer. All of the students should particapate, so I should consider that all of the students have access of internet. That’s all.


Why is there a question mark? The reason is simple: Something is missing. I listened teacher carefully but I found the topic a little bit confused. Nicenet… It is a classroom tool. I looked at the website of the nicenet and I read its philosophy. There is two sentences that I want to share with you. “Nicenet is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing free services to the Internet community. Nicenet’s primary offering, the Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) is designed to address the pedagogical needs and limited resources of teachers and their students. “ The important point is ICA. It sounds nice. Ok. Think about that you are a teacher in village and you haven’t got an internet access. Are  you able to use the nicenet? Absolutely no. Or you have an internet access but you have 40 students. All of them don’t have computer. It is not a reliable technique. I don’t like it.

The other topic was dokeos. There is a good definiton. I want to share it with you. “Dokeos is a learning suite designed to maximize student engagement by using collaborative teaching tools such as forums, wikis and other discussion-focused methods. It allows users to track students’ time and progress, assess learning, upload documents and templates, and manage users. It is especially useful for organizing study groups and video conferences; creating graphic organizers like mind maps; and making podcasts, tests, quizzes and other assessment tools. Instructors can use these tools to encourage students to work together and think critically in order to maximize their involvement and learning. “ It is perfect explanation, isn’t it ? I think the answer absolutely yes. Dokeos is better than nicenet in language learning and teaching. Teacher and students should use it. Görsel


Birds are singing, flying…


Wow… I eventually reached my dream thanks to my teacher J What was my dream and how was happened? Learning prezi was my dream. I saw it one of my friend and it attracted me. I wanted to use it in my presentations. It is very colourful and funny way of presentations. There are lots of choice to choose background of presentation. You are in a travel between trees or in the world map… It is very creative. You can zoom on the object that you prepared. The lesson was beneficial. I wonder how it used and I learned it. It is good for me J I will use it in my presentations. Of course, we have a homework about prezi. It will be enjoyable. Görsel